How To Become A Member of Risen Savior Lutheran Church

Please contact Pastor Farden and let him know of your deisre to join Risen Savior.  Those who trust in the saving work of Jesus and desire to follow Him as their Lord may be received as a member in one of the following ways:

  • Baptism for all infants and young children who have not been baptized, followed by instruction as they grow up in the faith. Discipleship class and Baptism for those adults who believe but have not been baptized.
  • Discipleship class and public confirmation of faith for those baptized who have never been confirmed in the faith of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.
  • Discipleship class and a public reaffirmation of Faith for those confirmed Lutherans who have not been active in their former church.
  • A Letter of Transfer and a public confession of faith for those who are active members in another Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod congregation.
  • Meeting with the pastor and a public confession of faith for those from a different Lutheran church background.


Risen Savior Lutheran Church Office
and Preschool
1401 N Main Avenue
Tea, SD 57064
Office Phone: 605-498-5050
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Rev. John W. Farden
Phone: 605-228-7799