Purpose, Values, and Vision


Sharing the New Life of Our Risen Savior with the Whole World!

Our Mission Picture

Jesus came back from the dead alive. So our Risen Savior brings us and all people from spiritual death to receive His new life by faith in Him and through Baptism into Him.

What Jesus did with Lazarus is what He does for us. Lazarus was dead four days, buried in a tomb. Then, Jesus shouted out loud: “Lazarus, come out!” By His powerful, Spirit-filled Word, Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead and Lazarus came out of the tomb alive.

By that same powerful, Spirit-filled Word, Jesus rescues us from the death of sin and gives us His new life. His new life is now at work in us as we trust Jesus each day so we may look like Him in all we do and say. Jesus uses us as His instruments to share His new life with the whole world. He also gives us the joyful confidence that He will bring our physical bodies back from the dead on the Last Day to live in God’s presence forever.

Our Mission Plan

Our Risen Savior shares His new life with us through the Good News:

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    Risen Savior Lutheran Church Office
    and Preschool
    1401 N Main Avenue
    Tea, SD 57064
    Office Phone: 605-498-5050
    Church Email: risensaviortea@gmail.com
    Preschool Email: risensaviorpreschool@hotmail.com Preschool Website: http://sites.google.com/view/Risen-Savior-preschool


    Rev. John W. Farden
    Phone: 605-228-7799
    Email: jwfarden@gmail.com